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United Arab Emirates #10


My last trip was to Dubai. Flying there took only 4h 20m to travel the full 4793 km. the flight in first class cost about $1000. I stayed at Sofitel Dubai Downtown hotel for 8 nights. the total cost rounded to $1400. On my first day I went to Burj Al Khalifa. The largest tower in the world which is right next to the Dubai Mall. the largest mall in Dubai and one of the largest malls in the world. I also had the chance to visit the palm Islands and go parasailing. large_photo-6_1024.jpglarge_home_bg_tcm186-80501.jpglarge_610793f0-6802-11e8-a177-db387a5941e0.jpglarge_610968b0-6802-11e8-a66d-8f7dbb0c63f0.jpglarge_DUBAIMALL_MAIN-963x400.jpglarge_2014_1_parasailing_base.jpglarge_1200px-Dubai_mall_indoor.JPGlarge_c64aecd0056fbe007aa078398782084e-dubai-mall.jpg

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Sudan #9


The flight to Khartoum cost about $375 and took 14h 35m. The total distance is 7,229 km. I stayed in Khartoum for 4 days at Al Salam Rotana 4-Star Hotel. with a rate of $252 a night the total amount of the stay cost $1008. On my first day I went to see the Nubian Pyramids just off the Sahara desert. On my second day I went to Afrah Mall. Which is the only mall in Sudan. On my last day I went on a boat in the Nile river.large_Tania.jpglarge_Mojito.jpglarge_inside.jpglarge_slide_426808_5509390_free.jpglarge_170504163821-23-sudan-pyramids-full-169.jpgimg-slider1



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Morocco #8


Flying to Rabat Cost about $420 and took about 7h. the total distance was 4,046 km. I stayed at the Villa Mandarine 4-star hotel for 4 nights. the total added up to just under $900. On my first day I went to Chellah which is an ancient citadel on the south side of the Bou Regreg estuary. On my second day I went to Zoo de Rabat which features over 130 different species, including Hyena's, Genets, Elephant Shrew and dozens of other rare & endangered animals. Lastly I went to see the Rabat Archaeological Museum which opened in 1932 and contains dozens of archaeological artifacts found in the country. large_zooderabat1.jpglarge_rabat-archaeological-museum-2.jpglarge_83172160-6800-11e8-a177-db387a5941e0.jpglarge_831e9b70-6800-11e8-9da3-bd878b67805e.jpglarge_86547210-6800-11e8-9da3-bd878b67805e.jpglarge_1.jpg

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Greece #7


Leaving Amsterdam I flew in to Athens, the capital of Greece. The flight cost $240 and was a total distance of 2650km. I managed to get reservations for 6 days at the 5 star royal Olympic hotel for $280 a night for a total of $1680. On my first day I simply had to visit Zappeion a structure in the heart of Athens where the first Olympic games were held in the 1880s. After my visit to Zappeion I went to the Temple of Olympian Zeus. It was a sanctuary built for the god of the skies & thunder Zeus. I also had a chance to visit Syntagma Square on my trip. Syntagma Square is the central area of Athens. Interesting Fact* "The square was named after the Constitution that Otto, the first King of Greece, was obliged to grant after a popular and military uprising on 3 September 1843"

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Netherlands #6


Travelling to Amsterdam from Barcelona cost about $100 to fly in. the total distance is about 1550 km. When arriving to Amsterdam my first stop was Dam Square. it is the largest square in central Amsterdam and a very popular gathering for events and attractions. After Dam Square I headed towards the royal palace of Amsterdam. It has been a place of royal residence since 1808 and was a very wonderful place for someone to live. On my last day I went to Leidseplein which is a venue for clubbing and night concerts. with many bars and occasional concerts being held it is a very popular venue for young adults. I stayed in Amsterdam for a total of 3 days NH Amsterdam Caransa Hotel for $177/night for a total of $531.

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